In 2008, as a lonely university student without any real life friends, I started a fashion blog  Tia Cherie which I updated regularly for the next eight years. It was a positive influence during a dark time of my life; I was incredibly thankful for the friendships and positive comments. It was an outlet to express myself compared to the offline world where my voice often felt disregarded. This is where my love for social media started.

In the last couple of years much more of my life has been lived offline. I finally found purpose and meaning outside the Internet and thankfully have many real life social connections. However, there are elements to blogging I miss which prompted this return. I started a new blog because Tia Cherie was no longer a reflection of me. I am not interested in fashion anymore and rarely change out of active wear. My interests now are exercise and mental health. I’m not entirely sure of the content for this blog but I want it to be honest and more meaningful than Tia Cherie.  It is not going to be popular or fit to society standards because it will be my real life. 

Thank you for following. 

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