For three weeks in February/March my sister came to stay with us. She is my best friend and we are very close so it was a special time. It was particularly significant because she lives in London, UK and due to the international travel restrictions, I had not seen her for more than three years. 

Unfortunately it rained almost continually during her stay so many of the outdoor plans were cancelled but as soon as there was a break in the weather we did what we could. I was surprised she wanted to do many tourist activities, including visiting the forest. This certainly brought back memories as we went there are kids back in the 1990s.

The sign below said to close your eyes for a minute to focus on the sounds of the forest, then cover your ears for a minute to focus on the sights. For some reason I thought I was meant to close my eyes and cover my ears at the same time, no wonder I couldn’t see the point of the exercise.

It really was a beautiful and tranquil environment to spend a morning, especially on a weekday with barely another person in sight. My sister is back in London now but I am sure we will come to the forest again when she visits Australia next year.

It is one of my goals this year to do more with the weekends so even without my sister here, I hope I can see and experience more.

5 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE FOREST

  1. Wow, this forest path is amazing! What a wonderful place to take your sister. And I must say she is a sharp dresser, I especially like her shoes! thanks for your visit, all the way from Australia!


  2. What a lovely walk! I’m glad you got to see your sister, my brother and his family were unable to come to my wedding from Melbourne because of all the restrictions. It’s hard having a sibling so far away!

    I’m so glad to see you back blogging after your extended break. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    Corinne x


  3. Hello Imogen, what a beautiful forest. I’m glad you got to visit with your sister and take a walk there. Sounds like you both had a great time when she was here. I like all the sports wear you are wearing on your hike, looks so nice. I hope you get to visit with your sister again soon. : ) Sisters are special, indeed.

    Happy May!



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