Freshwater, a suburb in the Northern Beaches Council area of Sydney, is a special location and my favourite beach. I discovered the area a few years ago when participating in a few open water swimming races. I also trained in the ocean pool one winter season when swimming centres were closed during lockdown. Freshwater is a beautiful location and I have a dream of moving here one day. I haven’t worked out how I will find the amount of money required but will add it to the long term to do list. I love how the area, while accessible to nearby busy Manly, is relaxed and more tucked away. The beach is located away from the main street and often feels like an escape from the real world. In March, when my sister visited from London, we spent a day at Freshwater and these are the pictures.

My sister stayed for three weeks and we were really unlucky with the weather. It rained heavily almost continually, which is unheard of in Sydney. I think many records were broken for the wettest month in decades. It was the only disappointing part of her trip. If the weather had been better we would have spent multiple days in the northern beaches as there is so much to see and do. The Freshwater trip was the one sunny day we had, which came just before she went back to London.

We had lunch on Freshwater headland, went to the beach, did the Freshwater to Curl Curl boardwalk and swam laps in the ocean pool. The water temperature was reasonable for the ocean (I think 21 degrees), which felt warm as most of my previous Freshwater swims were in 15-17 degree water (with wetsuits, of course).

My sister doesn’t like being in pictures but I took one token picture of her (from the back) to prove I’m not alone. She had never visited Freshwater before and loved it; now she wants me to move there because it would be a fun place to stay when visiting from London.

This blog post makes me want to have the day all over again.

One thought on “A DAY AT FRESHWATER

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear the weather was on your side! It sounds like you still had a great time, I hope your sister can visit again soon!

    Corinne x


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