Following a very successful forest trip with my sister, which I posted about here, I thought it would be fun to recreate the day. Unfortunately I couldn’t have her back from London, so had to take the husband instead- he didn’t love the forest quite as much.

Here I am attempting to take the same pictures just for fun- at the sensory trail, on the log, over the bridge, at the nature sounds etc. My favourite trail, once again, was the Palm Gully Trail. I didn’t do the Forestry Trail this time due to it being the least favourite last time. I always think this forest needs a merchandise shop, the shopping lover in me wants forest themed items to bring back home.

I was meant to call my sister from the forest so she could share the day with us. However, I realised it was 3.30am in London so I hope she enjoyed the extra sleep.

Once again I am doing the nature sounds exercise wrong- close your eyes for a minute to focus on the sounds of the forest, then cover your ears for a minute to focus on the sights- not both at once.

So another forest trip is done, you can never have too many.

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